G Fuel Tetris Blast Limited-Edition Collector’s Box | Source: G Fuel

Tetris turned 37 years old yesterday!

To celebrate all the tetrimino madness that continues to enrapture (and enrage) fans after nearly four decades, G Fuel collaborated with the Tetris Company to hard-drop a new, gamer-approved energy drink: Tetris Blast.

G Fuel Tetris Blast comes in powdered and liquid forms. The powdered form is part of a limited-edition collector’s box, which includes a 40-serving tub and a 16-ounce shaker cup. Fans will also be able to purchase a standalone 40-serving tub, as well as four- and 12-pack sets of G Fuel Tetris Blast cans.

G Fuel and the Tetris Company gave us a “taste” of what was to come in April when they dropped boxes of 16-ounce G Fuel Tetris Blast cans at select Sheetz stores around the U.S. It was only a matter of time before they locked down on a special anniversary collab!

The powdered formula is sugar-free, caffeinated, and packed with antioxidants from 18 different fruit extracts. The 16-ounce G Fuel Tetris Blast drink also comes with 300 milligrams of caffeine to bring the buzz to this blocky game and help fans clear lines like pros. To represent the mino matrix of flavors in Tetris Blast, the packaging is decorated with vibrant, prismatic colors and tetriminos.

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G Fuel Tetris Blast’s limited-edition collector’s box is available to purchase now for $39.99 at gfuel.com while supplies last. The standalone serving tubs and can packs will be available at the same site later this month.

Make order out of mino-organizing madness with G Fuel Tetris Blast!

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