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We’re all (not-so-patiently) awaiting the Ghostbusters: Afterlife film release this summer. But in the meantime, we’ve gotten some slime-sational sweets to snack on, such as the now sold-out Ghostbusters Munch Madness Twinkies. Now, there’s more ghostly goodness on the way with a new Ghostbusters cereal from General Mills!

Fans can take a bite out of the afterlife every morning with this limited-edition treat, which fans have been anticipating ever since a product listing showed up on earlier this year. The final version of the cereal features fruity corn puffs mixed with white and blue marshmallows. It’s similar to the original ‘80s Ghostbusters cereal box, though devoid of any freebies. This box also features the adorable Mini-Pufts characters, who debuted in a Ghostbusters: Afterlife clip last week.

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The Ghostbusters cereal is available starting this month for a limited time — sooner than anticipated! Fans may be able to catch this General Mills treat in their cereal aisles now. (Hint: Walmart has a product listing for the cereal up on their website, so scour the shelves at your nearest store)!

Pick up a family size ($3.99) or mid-size ($2.50) box when you see one, and save a bowl for the release of Ghostbusters: Afterlife this June! Or, get snacking while watching old episodes of The Real Ghostbusters for some real sweet nostalgia.

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