The Harry Potter cast when they were babies in ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’ | Source: WarnerMedia

Tell everyone who ever said your knowledge of Harry Potter was useless that they should go hide in a cupboard under the stairs — a Harry Potter Trivia game show is casting now!

The game show is part of a celebration from WarnerMedia Kids & Family, as this year marks 20 years since the premiere of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (oh, wow I’m old). WarnerMedia plans to develop two new, unscripted Wizarding World specials: The first of which will test fans’ knowledge in a game show format. The other will be a dedicated retrospective special about the movies.

The trivia show will be divided into four one-hour challenges. You can learn more about the casting aspect here (they ask if you know your Gryffindor from your Slytherin, as if you haven’t been sorting everyone you love by their houses for decades). It seems pretty easy to enter — you just need to have the right to work in the U.S., be able to travel to Los Angeles, and have a deep knowledge and love for all things Wizardry. There’s currently no info on what the prize of the show will be, but we can assume it’s Harry Potter Fandom Glory and maybe some galleons.

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If you spent every weekend binging the movies — or were always the first in line at the premieres — you were born for the currently unnamed quiz show. Don’t worry, if you prefer to stay behind the scenes you can still don your favorite Hogwarts robe and play-along from home when the show airs.

Following the quiz show, a film retrospective will feature a deeper look into 20 years of magic. Both specials are set to premiere later this year on HBO Max, Cartoon Network, and TBS.

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