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The Bond Community and Trekkies, unite! These two fandoms may not have a lot in common on the surface, but fans of both the James Bond and Star Trek franchises can get excited about new book releases from Hero Collector.

The James Bond Film Guide is a 296-page exploration of all 25 official James Bond films. Ranging from 1962’s Dr. No to this year’s No Time to Die, the book features nearly 500 archival photographs of 007 movie posters, vehicles, and iconic gadgets. Follow along as Will Lawrence surveys each movie in great detail, giving readers exclusive insight to direction, plot, and character choices that made cinematic history. 

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The latest addition to Hero Collector’s Star Trek Nerd Search puzzle book series is Star Trek: The Next Generation Nerd Search – Bloopers of the Borg. The puzzle book challenges fans to find intentional mistakes across its 44 pages and Trekkies must locate the Chaos Cubes throughout (meticulously hidden by none other than the Borg). The reality-altering Chaos Cubes live up to their name, causing TNG characters to be shown out of uniform, in the wrong scene, or otherwise incorrectly throughout the book. As readers spot these mistakes, they can accumulate points for every right answer in pursuit of attaining the magic number, 11001001.

The James Bond Film Guide is available to pre-order at major retailers including Amazon, Target, and Walmart for $34.95. Star Trek: The Next Generation Nerd Search — Bloopers of the Borg is also available to pre-order for $14.95. Both books will officially debut tomorrow, Dec. 14.

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