Winter is coming in more ways than one these days, and it’s time to start thinking about what to get the Game of Thrones fan in your life. The season of giving is right around the corner, so to help, we’ve compiled a list of Game of Thrones-inspired gifts that are sure to score big this holiday season.

Game of Thrones Stark Geo Sigil Silk Tie | Cufflinks, Inc. | $55.00 | Neiman Marcus

Winter is coming, but don’t let your scarf cover up this fashion statement. This 59-inch long tie features the House Stark direwolf sigil and a geometric sword print so fans can rock their favorite fandom (and house) in the office or the boardroom.

Many Faced God Heat Sensitive Color-Changing Mug | Got Mugs | $19.99 | Amazon

For aspiring Faceless Men and lovers of the Free City of Braavos, this is the mug for you. Featuring the living dead, G0T fans can pour in hot liquid and watch out as the faces on the outside of the ceramic mug magically appear.

The Crown of Joffrey Baratheon | Valyrian Steel | $279.95 | Valyrian Steel

All hail His Grace, Joffrey of Houses Baratheon and Lannister, First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm. Despite being an iconic tyrant in the GoT series, Joffrey Baratheon has fans (…right?). While the price for this replica crown is steep, it’s marked high for good reason. The crown itself was crafted from an original screen-used prop. It’s also made out of actual metal, making it heavy and suitably regal.

Clue: Game of Thrones | USAopoly | $49.95 | USAopoly

If the special person in your life loves Clue and Game of Thrones, you can’t get a more perfect match made in heaven with this classic mystery game. The set includes a double-sided game board, so two to six players ages 18 and up can choose to solve a murder mystery in The Red Keep or Meereen.

Tell Cersei It Was Me Shirt | Drunk Girl Designs | $21.50 | Etsy

I’m not playing favorites, but if I had to tell you which gift from this list was my favorite, it’s definitely this one. Lord of Highgarden Olenna Tyrell gave fans an iconic ending to her character arc when she revealed to Jaime Lannister that it was indeed her who poisoned Joffrey. Just went you thought she couldn’t get any more B.A., you find her rocking shades on an Etsy shirt. Take my money.

Ho Ho Hodor Ugly Christmas Sweater | First Choice Apparel | $33.95 | Etsy

There is really no other way to honor Hodor than with an ugly Christmas sweater. Buy it, wear it, and care for it until your dad-bod can no longer fit into it. Long live the large and slow Hodor.

Coffee Is Coming Bamboo Travel Mug | Engraved Laboratory | $22.00 | Etsy

Winter is coming, but out of necessity—so is coffee. This 450ml bamboo thermo mug features a stylish and elegant design but also keeps warm or cold beverages tasting good for hours. With a quick-seal splash-proof lid and a stainless steel inner lining, this travel mug is the perfect start to any early morning day.

Sculpted Dragon Egg Candles | Game of Thrones | $24.99 | Amazon

As much as it pains me to say this, dragon eggs are not real. But luckily, candles during the holidays are! Fans can prepare for the cold of winter with these intricately designed dragon egg candles. Measuring just 2.36 inches wide and 3.35 inches tall, these replicas are the perfect gift for admirers of the Mother of Dragons.

Hand of the King Bottle Opener | AEsir Essentials | $16.99 | Amazon

Crack open a cold one with this stylish bottle opener, which rocks a powerful magnet on the back so owners can stick it to the fridge and add glory and honor to their kitchens. If you know someone who drinks and knows things, this is the stocking stuffer for them.

Metallic Iron Throne Toilet Decal | Word Factory Design | $24.95 | Etsy

Yeah, the Iron Throne is cool and all, but how about showing the Porcelain Throne a little love, too? While this self-adhesive vinyl decal is designed to go right behind a toilet, it can realistically attach to any smooth surface. Gain power and respect where you need it most this holiday season, just be careful to lock the door so you don’t end up like poor Tywin Lannister.

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