It’s time to don your best lace collar and scrunchie, and get ready for your next game night!

Buffalo Games brings the ultimate game for debaters (and for any of us who aspire to be half as fierce as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg) to game night. I Dissent is a “game of supreme opinions,” and it’s time to test friendship once and for all as players vote, debate, and deliberate on different argumentative statements.

In this strategic card game, players preside over the esteemed court of public opinion (aka modern-day society) and argue over hot-button issues and statements. In each round, players vote to either agree or disagree with various topics — from “a hot dog is a sandwich” to “beards make guys more attractive.” 


This game is a fun icebreaker and a great way to mix up game night — just be sure you really want to know your friends’ true opinions. In addition to the included cards, each deck comes with a handful of blank cards for each chief justice to make their own arguments, so possibilities for friendly debate are pretty endless. (As chief justice, I created the statement that the Backstreet Boys are a better boy band than N*SYNC. Deal with it.) 

All in all, playing I Dissent is a fun chance to argue and make your points heard as you try to sway the votes to your side, just like the real SCOTUS.

I Dissent is currently available at Target for $19.99 — and I think I now have everyone’s holiday presents sorted for this year.

Photos: Buffalo Games

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