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This summer’s Spider-Man: Far From Home officially ended an era in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It (and the 22 MCU movies that came before it) makes up what Marvel Studios has officially dubbed the “Infinity Saga.”

Featuring MCU phases one, two, and three, the Infinity Saga tells the story of the Avengers‘ battle with the Mad Titan Thanos over the Infinity Stones. Now, fans can get their hands on a special collector’s edition set that includes all 23 movies.

The Infinity Saga Collector’s Edition has the 23 movies, individually packaged, as well as one bonus content disk. The disks all fit in a special display box, with the spines creating an image of the Avengers and Thanos. The lid of the box says “The Infinity Saga” and features the signatures of the actors who portrayed the original six Avengers. The set also includes an exclusive Matt Ferguson Lithograph (the image that the spines create) and a letter from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

This set is any Marvel lover’s dream, but it doesn’t come cheap. The set costs $549.99, or $54.84 per month with 12-month financing. It is available now for preorder exclusively from Best Buy with a Nov. 15 release.

Photo: Best Buy

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