Have you ever played Duck, Duck, Goose at a birthday party? Or watched any Disney cartoon featuring Donald and Daisy? Did you root for The Mighty Ducks back in the ‘90s? If you answered yes to any of the above, congrats, you are a duck supporter.

Ducks are the often overlooked member of the bird family, but I’m here to give them the recognition they deserve. Take a look at these guys quacking it up on Instagram, and you’ll see just how fabulous they can be.

Cutest Couple: Boris and Dora (@boris_dora)

These two lovebirds do everything together—dance parties, bath time, naps, you name it. Talk about #relationshipgoals.


Most Magical: The Ducks of Walt Disney World (@ducksofwaltdisneyworld)

Often imitated but never replicated, this account follows the adventures of all the ducks that live at the happiest place on earth… Disney World! Think of it as The Real World: WDW, but for ducks.


Best Costumes: Guus (@guustheduck)

Still don’t know what you’re dressing up as this Halloween? Let Guus give you some costume ideas because he’s done it all—Winnie the Pooh, Batman, Oscar the Grouch, even a sexy bumblebee.


New Kid on the Block: Elway (@elwaytheduck)

Check out this feathery boi to see the fastest-growing baby duck in town. Elway was rescued in August at 4 weeks old and he’s already doubled in size. Watch for photos of him in action, puddle jumping and flapping his little winglets.


Freest Spirit: Pepe Agostino (@art_duck)

When he’s not hanging out in his human’s art studio, this little chubbins loves to be on the road, driving around in an airstream and exploring new campsites across the country. Look for super artsy photos because Pepe’s owner is an artist, after all.


Double Trouble: Charlie and Bombay (@duckduckbunny)

Charlie and Bombay are two Pekins who are always on the hunt for trouble. Watch all their entertaining shenanigans, and you’ll be rewarded with some bonus bunny photos of their siblings Roger Rabbit and Lola Bunny.


Silliest Duck: Atun (@atun_theduck)

Atun always has a smile on his face, and I would too if I got to hang out with a bunch of puppies and kitties all the time. Atun really makes the rounds, scoring invites to all the doggy birthday bashes and costume parties around town. How can I get in on this action?


Best Hair: Dusty Duck (@dustyotterduckums)

Who knew a duck could have such a luxurious head of hair? Dusty has a fabulous ‘80s-inspired bouffant that’s making me question my own ‘do.


Most Exotic: Bee (@bee.the.duck)

Bee knows that in the game of life, you have to be a Fruit Loop in a bowl full of Cheerios. This Welsh Harlequin duck really stands out among the flocks of white feathers and orange beaks. Follow for beautiful photos of Bee, with her spotted coat and black bill. Bonus points for the fuzzy yellow ducklings she just gave birth to only a few weeks ago!


Biggest Beach Bum: Travis (@travis.the.duck)

Some ducks are city dwellers, others are country folk, but Travis is all about that sandy cheek life. Actually he doesn’t discriminate—beach, lake, pool, he’ll take all of the above because he’s just a mermaid at heart.


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