Time to wear your nostalgia loud and proud: Lisa Frank and SpongeBob Squarepants teamed up for a new line of apparel and accessories. The assortment is available now only at Hot Topic stores and online.

The collection is a mash-up of two very iconic pop culture icons, and the bright colors and energy makes for an effortless collab. The Lisa Frank x SpongeBob collection features characters from both worlds, including Hollywood Bear, Markie the Unicorn, Patrick Star, and the sea sponge himself, SpongeBob. New products include super cute tie-dye tops, a holographic rainbow drawstring bag, a brightly-colored cap, limited-edition button set, stickers, and more.

Here’s a closer look at all of the items in the line (BRB, draining my bank account!):

Lisa Frank x SpongeBob Girls Tank & Shorts Sleep Set, $34.90

SpongeBob is serving us some too-cool-for-school realness in this wink’d up pose and finger guns. WERK IT. Plus, you get these rainbow shorts.

Lisa Frank x SpongeBob Girls Unicorn Pullover, $32.90

If you use your imaaaaa-gination, then you can totally picture SpongeBob riding off into the sunset with Markie the Unicorn. Where was my invite?

Lisa Frank x SpongeBob Girls Gumball Knotted Tee, $24.90

Not only is this tie-dye, but our characters are tye-dye too.

Lisa Frank x SpongeBob Girls Krabby Patty Tie-Dye Tee, $24.90

Wear your Krabby Patty pride loud and proud with this giant technicolored Krabby Patty with a ~*bashful*~ SpongeBob.

Lisa Frank x SpongeBob Guys Rainbow Tie-Dye Tee, $24.90

Have some fun ? in ? the ? sun ? with this vibrant top!

Lisa Frank x SpongeBob Guys Pink Pocket Tee, $22.90

Surprise! It features the same design as the sweatshirt on the back.

Lisa Frank x SpongeBob Holographic Drawstring Bag, $15.90

Why would you go literally anywhere without this bag?

Lisa Frank x SpongeBob Dad Cap, $14.90

Perfect for: festivals, the beach, going to the club. Versatile.

Lisa Frank x SpongeBob 4-count Button Set, $6.99

OK fine, I’ll take 20.

Lisa Frank x SpongeBob Sticker Sheet, $6.99

Show everyone in your life how much you love them by putting these stickers on any surface possible. 12/10, no regrets.

Lisa Frank x SpongeBob Iron On Patch, $4.90

Or, don’t buy anything at all! Get this iron on patch to put it on everything you already have. Your jean jacket! Your sweatpants! Your brother’s hair! Literally anywhere!

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