All those muscles, superpowers, and hours spent squeezing into spandex beg the question: What do superheroes eat?

You no longer have to wonder what a Spider-Man potluck or Hulk-hosted brunch would entail; the answers can finally be yours with Marvel Eat the Universe: The Official Cookbook!

Celebrity chef and Food Network Star season-eight winner Justin Warner brings his digital series of the same name to cooks’ and collectors’ shelves in a beautifully designed cookbook. The book features dishes spanning all skill levels and is influenced by all sorts of supers. Recipes, such as Green Goblin Pumpkin Bombs, Storm’s Tournedos, and Nova Space-Cop Doughnuts, are sure to impress and, judging by the book’s mouth-watering photography, taste out of this world.

Each recipe provides some background on the dish’s mighty inspiration, so even casual Marvel fans can walk away with a slice of Marvel Comics’ rich history — just don’t expect it to be as filling as Hulk Smashed Potatoes.

The book drops on July 28, but fans and heroes alike can preorder the book on Amazon today.

Photos: Marvel

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Ben Goren

Ben Goren

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