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Get ready to relive all 10 seasons of a fan-favorite ’90s sitcom with The Op’s new Monopoly: Friends game. It’s packed with iconic references and symbols from the show and can be played anywhere, including an orange couch in front of a fountain or your own living room. 

In this version of the game, you’ll build up Coffee Mugs and Sofas instead of Houses and Hotels; avoid taxes like the Central Perk Tab (which you know must be massive!); and move using game pieces shaped like the iconic Thanksgiving turkey with sunglasses, Marcel the monkey, a Central Perk mug, a lobster, the couch, and the peephole frame.

Instead of trading properties, players buy and sell iconic Friends episodes and moments, including “The One with All the Thanksgivings” and “The One Where Rachel Finds Out.” Community Chest and Chance Cards become Apartment 19 and Apartment 20 cards, which will either hinder or help you in the game — mimicking the ups and downs that Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross, and Joey experience in the show.

Just like regular Monopoly, this game is designed for 2-6 players. Just be sure to be very clear anytime a player decides to take a break!

Monopoly: Friends is available now exclusively at Hot Topic for $39.99. 

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