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The Nerds Candy brand is teaming up with the (objectively) nerdy game Dungeons & Dragons.

Together, they will launch a campaign of limited-edition Nerds Gummy Clusters and Rainbow Nerds Theater Box packaging, which both feature a team of new, D&D-inspired Nerds characters.

Of course, it wouldn’t be D&D if there wasn’t some sort of twist (not as bad as whatever your Dungeon Master has planned, we promise!). Those who purchase the fantasy candy can take a picture of their receipt and upload it to to enter an exclusive campaign called Restoring Harmony.

After uploading the first receipt, fans will gain access to a PDF adventure and character sheet that can be run in under an hour by a DM and one player taking on the role of a level-one Nerds character. More receipts mean unlocking more characters and adventures. After playing six characters, fans’ seventh upload will unlock a final adventure where the entire party is at the third level.

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In addition to the campaign, Nerds and D&D lovers alike can enter to win several prizes through the Restoring Harmony sweepstakes. You could win a D&D Starter Set, an Essentials Kit, a Player’s Handbook, and more — no purchase required. Head here for all the sweet info.

Gather your party and head to pretty much anywhere candy is sold to find these nerdy Nerds throughout September. Restoring Harmony is family-friendly and a great way to introduce new players to the world of D&D. Having loads of candy at the table as you play makes it all the sweeter.

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