The era of cartoon belching for adults continues—Rick and Morty, the animated series about a slightly evil genius scientist and his grandson, just got picked up for 70 more episodes.

The decision was a bold move, as the show doesn’t even have 70 episodes currently in their arsenal. To sign a deal of this magnitude with series creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon shows extreme confidence in the future success of the show—and with good reason: the season three finale scored the highest ratings in Adult Swim’s history.

Always aiming for slightly uncomfortable comedy, Roiland and Harmon announced the return of the show with an Instagram video of them showering together.

Fans have been through a wild ride after season one. The fate of the show seemed undecided and it took a year before season two premiered. That time lapse was doubled after season two before season 3 aired. Fans can now rest easy as they eagerly anticipate when season four will premiere, followed by many more seasons to come.

(h/t Variety)

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