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With a July 2019 release, Spider-Man: Far From Home is set to kick of the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It will also be the first Marvel film released after the big conclusion of Avengers 4.

Since we last saw our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man disintegrate in Tony Stark’s arms with that punch-in-your-gut “Please, I don’t wanna go,” it may be hard for Marvel to market the Spidey sequel without confirming the resurrection of all the heroes Thanos destroyed in Avengers: Infinity War. thinks they may have the answer—Far From Home could be an Infinity War prequel.

As the site notes, photos from the set surfaced Tuesday, showing Maria Hill and Nick Fury together. Could Far From Home be showing the lead up to Hill and Fury’s post-credits scene from Infinity War?

It also wouldn’t be unprecedented for Marvel Studios to stray from a linear timeline with the MCU films. Doctor Strange directly followed Captain America: Civil War, even though some of its events took place years before. This year’s Ant Man and The Wasp took place concurrently to Infinity War, despite premiering months later, and the upcoming Captain Marvel standalone is going to take place in the ‘90s.

The site also presents a more complicated theory: Maybe the events of Infinity War won’t have happened at all in Far From Home, and instead we will get an alternate timeline (quite possible in a universe that has a time stone) in which Peter Parker never gets off the bus to start fighting Thanos’ cronies.

While these theories are just speculation, we do know one thing for sure about the upcoming Spider-Man sequel. As the title implies, Spidey will be far from his regular Big Apple turf. So far, the movie has been filming in London and the Czech Republic.


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