Sorry, fans: Final Fantasy VII Remake and Marvel’s Avengers will not arrive on time.

Square Enix announced today that Final Fantasy will now be released on April 10, a month later than originally intended. The company said it made the decision to take the few extra weeks in order to deliver the best possible experience. Square Enix apologized that fans would have to wait longer for the game they deserve.

Marvel’s Avengers will be a much longer wait. Originally intended to be released in May, the new date is now Sept. 4. Crystal Dynamics’ co-heads of studio Scott Amos and Ron Rosenberg said in a statement that more time is needed to fine-tune and polish the game to the “high standards our fans expect and deserve.” They went on to say that working with Marvel characters is an honor, and they want to deliver the best gaming experience that they can.

Many are angry that they promised dates they couldn’t make, while others are just happy the games will not be ruined by being rushed. Let’s hope the delays really do pay off in the end.

Photo: Square Enix