A still from the trailer | Source: Universal Pictures

Just like its main character Michael Myers, the Halloween franchise will never die.

The latest flick will premiere on Oct. 15 and a new trailer dropped yesterday. In summary, it’s 43 years later and Jamie Lee Curtis still cannot catch a break. It’s 2021 and she lives in Illinois, can she not own a machine gun?

I digress. Halloween Kills follows a similar premise as the other Halloween films: Myers just wants to kill everyone. But it also seems as if it will become something more, and fans are excited about the unique turns the trailer takes.

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Curtis reprises her role as Laurie Strode and (although she’s just been stabbed) she’s on a mission to kill the serial killer. She warns others of Myers’ evilness and understands it will not be an easy task. Along with Strode, an army of people decides to hunt the killer as he terrorizes his hometown.

In the trailer alone, Michael Myers survives a fire, brutally murders at least 25 people, and finds some time to work on his chainsaw skills a la Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It starts where the well-loved Halloween (2018) film ended. I won’t give any spoilers, but you will definitely want to catch up before October.

Catch the trailer below (and leave on all the lights)!