Dreams are coming true — it’s the power of Believix!

Winx Club is gearing up for its 20th anniversary next year, and as a result the brand revealed a number of exciting projects in the works to fans at New York Comic Con (NYCC). In case you missed it, Mad Cave Studios’ Papercutz division is launching a new series of graphic novels based on the beloved series. The Winx Club Vol. 1: Welcome to Magix is available for preorder now and will be released on Jan. 16.

But that’s not all — Rainbow Spa Founder and President Iginio Straffi surprised fans by announcing a new TV series launching in 2025. The reboot will feature the same characters fans know and love with a new CGI look. “Winx Club means a lot to me — it’s the story I created many years ago and still today after 20 years it brings emotions to millions of viewers around the world and so I always had a special connection with Winx and with the fans,” Straffi says. “We will continue to keep the story interesting and alive for many, many years. It will definitely be something in the DNA of Winx but also totally new in terms of graphics and animation.”

‘Winx Club Vol. 1: Welcome to Magix’ NYCC exclusive | Source: Rainbow

The series will be created for original fans to enjoy while also giving new fans a chance to discover the world of Winx. Most importantly, the new series will stay true to certain themes that made the original series popular among viewers. As such, fans can expect to see the same multi-cultural, diverse set of powerful women leading the action in high fashion. “We recently realized that the boys and girls from 20 years ago are still fans of Winx today. We realized this is the moment to not only concentrate on young girls but also this audience of 20 to 25-year-olds,” says Valeria Gulli, International Marketing Manager at Rainbow. “We are also really proud to be one of the first brands to launch a multi-ethnic group of girlfriends and we are really proud that the Winx always saves themselves and often they don’t need a Prince Charming. They even save their boyfriends too, so they can make it on their own and don’t need anybody. That’s their power and we’re really proud of this.”

Finally, Fate: The Winx Saga Vol. 1 Dark Destiny, a new original YA graphic novel published by Maverick, will be released in July 2024. The series is a continuation of the Netflix series Fate: The Winx Saga, which ran for two seasons starting in 2021, and follows a group of fairies at Alfea after losing their friend, Bloom, as they face a new enemy that threatens to destroy everything they love.

The Netflix show ended with numerous cliffhangers and Author Olivia Cuartero-Briggs promises this new graphic novel series will pick right up where the show left off and see those storylines through. She teased that fans can expect to see darker monsters and themes; romance storylines (yes you did see some tension between Musa and Riven!); and fun twists and turns along the way (Beatrix is back!).

“It’s extremely female-centric; these are powerful characters who are handling their business in their own way and I think that’s rare to see,” Cuartero-Briggs says. “What I love about this is the teachers are not in charge … these girls really are running the show and they’re complex. There are so many different nuances to their chacracters and there’s so much growth.”

Volume 2 for both graphic novels have been confirmed but details haven’t been released yet. In the meantime, fans can shop the official Winx Club collections here. Winx Club forever and ever!

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