Pinball has been a favorite method of gaming for decades, but it isn’t always easily accessible. Pinball machines aren’t as common as they used to be and new pinball machines are out of most folks’ budgets. 

Pinball M is a free game in which gamers can purchase different pinball games that suck you in, just like the pinball machines you played on growing up. 

The app will launch with five games — including two licensed games for fans of horror flicks and video games: Chucky’s Killer Pinball and Dead By Daylight Pinball. The launch also includes a Pinball M original: Wrath of the Elder God’s Director’s Cut. Two more games will be included in the initial launch, but they haven’t been revealed yet!

Players will also be able to decorate their in-game spaces with the Play Corner feature. As they play through their tables, players can unlock decorations to further delve into the horrifying gameplay. 

Pinball M will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Epic Game Store, and Nintendo Switch. Even if you’re not a huge pinballer, Pinball M is the perfect way to dive into this sect of gaming culture!

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Ashley Pelletier

Ashley Pelletier

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