Life finds a way to get you playing pinball!

Stern Pinball has a variety of machines for every fandom, from a Foo Fighters machine that asks you to help save the band from aliens to a James Bond machine that honors the whole history of Agent 007. Now, the maker of all things pinball is updating one of its most popular machines and releasing a brand new Jurassic Park Pinball machine and more, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iconic original movie.

The Jurassic Park Pinball Machine references the original film! | Source: Stern Pinball

Stern is dropping a new update that will be available for all existing versions of the Jurassic Park Pinball Machine. The update includes exciting new features such as co-op play, team play, and a 30th-anniversary Inside Connected quest. Co-op gives players the chance to work together to escape Isla Nublar, while team play will let the most skilled pinballers challenge each other. The new quest asks players to collect dinosaur DNA and make dinosaurs of their own in the process.

The company is also releasing a shiny new machine, the 30th Anniversary Edition of the Jurassic Park Pinball Machine. It features a new exterior art package, an upgraded audio system, a certificate of authenticity, and more. If you can’t quite swing a whole machine, Stern is selling accessories like toppers, shooter knobs, and side armor as well as merch you can rock while you delight in dinosaurs, such as T-shirts, sweatpants, and hats.

The newest Jurassic Park pinball goodies from Stern are available now on the official Stern store page. Become a pinball champion with your favorite movie series as you fight dinosaurs, grab dino DNA, and challenge your friends to reach the highest score!

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