Pokémon trainers, get ready to add something new to your wish list. The Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic was announced on Pokémon Day back in February. Now, we know the set will officially hit shelves starting on Nov. 17. 

The set is designed to be a staple for any beginner Pokémon collector and features preconstructed decks and accessories. The Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic includes three preconstructed decks with 60 cards each, including a base set with Blastoise, Venusaur, and Charizard. Each deck also includes new cards like Lugia ex, Ho-Oh ex, Suicune ex, Sun Seed, Scorching Charcoal, Drops in the Ocean, and even a Mr. Mime card that was previously only released in Japan.

Source: The Pokémon Co.

The set also comes with accessories, including a game board with card placement zones; a compartment that holds the three included decks; a toolbox with everything players need to duel — including stackable damage counters, three-dimensional Poison and Burn markers, and metal orbs that take replace Pokémon coins — and card sleeves and deck boxes that players can use to display cards when they aren’t in play. 

The game is available for preorder at pokemoncenter.com. With this new set, you can start a whole new Pokémon collection or expand your existing collection even further!

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