Warning: This game is not for the weak of heart… or stomach.

In Pour Taste, one of the newest party games from Hasbro Gaming, players mix up interesting concoctions that they then have to drink. And when I say “interesting,” I also mean, weird, gross, and sometimes surprisingly tasty.

At the top of the game, players choose six ingredients to play with, and fill each of the included cups with one of those ingredients. These ingredients aren’t included, so it’s quite literally a dealer’s choice here. Find things around your house, such as orange juice, soda, and milk, or even less common—but still safe to drink!—ingredients. Everyone can get creative here. Think: Pickle juice, hot sauce, melted ice cream, etc.

Then, each player takes a turn spinning the spinner. The spin tells the player which ingredients he or she should mix up—or whether he or she should choose another player to drink, steal chips, or go bankrupt. Each cup sits on a number on a mat, so you can be asked to pour six into two or three into four, etc. Yeah, that’s right. Your six ingredients here will get all mixed up into kooky concoctions. (Here we are again: When I say “kooky,” I also mean weird, gross, and sometimes surprisingly tasty.)

The gamble comes in whether or not the drink ends up surprisingly tasty (#blessed) or if it’s just too much to handle. Every time one of the players decides to go for it—you brave soul, you—and drink from a cup, they earn a chip. If they decide not to drink the concoction (me forever because I’m a wimp), they lose a chip. The first player to earn four chips wins, but the longer you play, the more things get mixed up, and the harder it is to decide to drink.

This game is designed for two to six players ages 8 and up, and adult supervision is required, so that kids aren’t drinking things that are unsafe—or, hello, illegal. When when you grown-ups yourselves are playing, you (responsibly) do you tho.

Though my stomach and disposition may be a bit too dainty for the likes of Pour Taste, it’s sure to be a game that will have your whole family laughing out loud—and probably result in a couple of spit takes.

This review was originally posted on the Toy Insider.

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