Sotheby's International Realty Home Movie Theater

Meet the super extra cousin of Netflix.

Red Carpet Home Cinema lets people rent first-run films from their mansions — if they’re willing to drop between $1,500 and $3,000 per movie.

But not just anyone can sign up for the membership. To qualify for the exclusive subscription, applicants must have credit card limits of at least $50,000 and live in either New York or Los Angeles. If you’re approved, you have to throw down another $15,000 to buy and install a streaming box with piracy protections.

The company plans to expand its luxe streaming service outside of Los Angeles and New York after this year, so if you happen to be rich, you could have a true home movie theater soon.

Red Carpet Home Cinema says movie rental prices will vary, but it expects that most new films will cost in the cheap “low thousands.” None of them will cost less than $500 because only peasants spend $18 for a ticket at the public movie theater.

The company has distribution deals with several major production studios, including Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, Annapurna Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and Fox Searchlight. According to the website, Red Carpet Home Cinema is already streaming Wonder Park, Pet Sematary, and The Kid. It will start streaming new movies, including Hellboy, Shazam!, Detective Pikachu, and Rocketman, soon.

Of course, two rich businessmen founded Red Carpet Home Cinema with no plans to disrupt the movie industry and provide convenience to other rich people. Co-founder Fred Rosen, former Ticketmaster president and CEO, tells the New York Times, “We are a niche offering — I’m too old for disruption — but even if a studio makes $25 million to $40 million annually from us, that’s found money.”

That’s nice. I’ll just be here with my buttery popcorn and large cherry Icee in my theater reclining chair, complaining that I spent $40 on a night out at the movies.

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