Every friend group has a ridiculous type in its midst: someone with no filter who says things to get a rise out of the others. Sure, they can make for some interesting entertainment, but they can definitely be a little “extra” along the way. Ridiculous Expositions, from Gray Matters Games, is a board game that does the same, making for some interesting reactions and gameplay.

This self-declared “adult party game” is a quick and dirty way to get your next party going, with raunchy sentences and phrases that are sure to enlighten the prudest of prudes through its casually raunchy wordplay.

The game is simple: Split the party into two teams (Team Asstastic and Team Boneriffic, as the instructions suggest) and take turns drawing and reading cards with seemingly random and innocuous combinations of words in order to solve the (often dirty) phrase hidden within the syllable pairings. (Look to the games’ sleazy mascot Ace Winger, aka “A Swinger” as an example.) The team with the most correct answers after five rounds wins.

Setup is simple: Players just need the stack of cards and included 90-second timer, leaving the game ready for a quick draw off the shelf during party lulls.

The game is easy, and that’s by design; it’s a conversation starter, an enjoyably uncomfortable hot seat, and even a potential drinking game. The game is undoubtedly outrageous, but at times forcefully so; these “adult” reactions would likely come through a little more organically if the gameplay didn’t try so hard to create them.

If you like wordplay, social games, making your friends say dirty things, or are truly looking for a party game to start — or end — your night, Ridiculous Expositions may just be for you.

Photo: Gray Matters Games

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