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When will Jughead and Veronica find out about Betty and Archie? Are Betty and Archie meant to be? Who is making these disturbing videos and leaving them on people’s doorsteps? Will Kevin get more screentime? Will these characters ever graduate high school? The new season five Riverdale trailer just dropped, and it sparks hope that these answers are to come in the new episodes. 

Bughead fans rejoice! The first few shots of the trailer show Betty and Jughead snuggled up in bed, then speaking to Bret through a glass divider in prison (ah, the duality). Bret’s eerie “Something’s coming and it’s gonna hit you like a mac truck” seems like the perfect set-up for the upcoming season, as the gang doubles down on finding the perpetrator behind the videos of people committing heinous acts while dressed as the characters. 

In true Riverdale fashion, this disturbing investigation is spliced with scenes and stories of senior prom. The trailer promises normal high school content (dates, proms, classes, relationship drama) along with the shocking scenes fans have come to love (gang fights, Betty wielding a gun, a knife trailing down Cheryl’s cheek). 

As we already know, season five will include a huge time jump, but this teaser trailer reassures that our time at Riverdale High School is not over just yet. This leaves room for some tender dance scenes, an undoubtedly tear-jerking graduation, exciting college decisions, and — of course — a musical number or two. 

Check out the full trailer below, then tune in for the new season of Riverdale on the CW, starting on Jan. 20.

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