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A new Home Alone is in the works… well, sort of.

Ryan Reynolds is attached to produce Stoned Alone, an inspired variation on the classic Home Alone comedy films and one that aims to blend family fun with R-rated shenanigans.

According to reports, the flick’s protagonist will be a twenty-something weed grower who misses his flight for a holiday ski trip. To dull the pain, he gets high in his home just as thieves decide break in. What follows is sure to be fully-stoned adventure fueled by paranoia.

Rumored director Augustine Frizzell will be a new voice in the comedy space. She directed Never Goin’ Back, a film that premiered at Sundance and will be released by A24, and she’s currently directing Euphoria for HBO.

The original Home Alone was during the 1990 holiday season with a young Macaulay Culkin at the helm, and it eventually spawned two sequels as it cemented itself as a classic.

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