If there’s one thing that perfectly fits Netflix original Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, it’s a super spicy collab with the makeup geniuses at Nyx Professional Makeup. The big-name cosmetics company has developed stellar makeup palettes, lipsticks, and skin care products since it was founded in Los Angeles by the business-savvy Toni Ko in 1999. After numerous collaborations with social influencers, musicians, vloggers, and Coachella, Nyx is finally dipping its glittery toes into Sabrina’s deep, dark world with its newest makeup launch.


As of now, there aren’t any photos of the inside of the palette, but fans can see some gorgeous photos of its fiery packaging and iconic promotional art on Nyx Cosmetic’s website and by searching #nyxcosmeticsforsabrina on Instagram. The palette looks like a leather-bound spellbook with gold embellishments. Just above the palette’s title sits a staring, golden eye with a cat-like iris, which is surrounded by a flaming gold heart — fitting for a show that’s as devilish as the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The palette is simply titled Spellbook and perfectly supplements fan hype for the third installment of the show as it returns for another season. 

Because it’s all such a mystery, fans will just have to wait until Nyx decides to reveal more about the haunting new palette. While we wait, we can all squeal over the epic new trailer that dropped yesterday. It’s not the same as a makeup swatch, but it does help fight off the hiatus itch! Check it out below — at least the trailer won’t put a curse on you.

Photos: Netflix, Nyx Cosmetics

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