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As Star Wars: Episode IX continues filming, we finally have some shocking spoiler-filled news about a surprising traitor that fans won’t see coming.

? Warning: Spoilers ahead about Star Wars: Episode IX rumors! ?

Based on a rumor (currently unconfirmed from Disney or Lucasfilm until the film’s release), this new information could be a major plot twist for the franchise.

This twist pays homage to Revenge of the Sith and proves how director J.J. Abrams aimed to incorporate the prequel trilogy into this new film’s direction, which concludes the nine-film Skywalker story. It was originally reported on The Sunday Express.

While previous films have echoed the themes and storylines from the past (such as The Force Awakens and A New Hope), Star Wars: Episode IX will directly tie into and echo the themes from Revenge of the Sith. Abrams will put a fresh spin on the film’s hidden character trope with a traitor who will be exposed. The rumor explains how this traitor is someone who’s already shown an “appetite for hatred and revenge.”

This rumor claims that in the film, “Kylo Ren is suspicious of an individual in the First Order handing out information to the Resistance. Part of the Episode 9 storyline will have a cat and mouse element to it, similar to Revenge of the Sith where the Jedi were trying to find out who the Sith lord is, which turned out to be Palpatine.”

While we are accustomed to the “bad guy posing as good” storyline, this film flips that trope in a “delicious twist” where one of the villains will hide in plain sight and will be exposed as working on the good side of the galaxy, betraying the First Order.

This leak, first started spreading in May, claims that General Hux could be the mole inside the First Order camp. MovieWeb points out his betrayal could be explained by his actions in The Last Jedi, where he was unhappy that Kylo destroyed Snoke to become the Supreme Leader and does not like Ben Solo. His turning traitor could attempt to show the others what a bad ruler Ren is, as someone truly devoted to the wellbeing of the First Order, the leak’s rumor explains.

While this latest rumor does seem plausible, it has not been proven true or confirmed, so I guess we’ll have to wait until the film is released to find out how the franchise ends.

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