The monarchy is ready for you, Netflix.

The Royal Family all has a role to play when the anticipated third season of Netflix’s The Crown returns this November. In a brand-new trailer, the streaming platform sets the stage for an older, wiser Queen Elizabeth (now portrayed by Olivia Colman) during the onset of a new, changing era.

The new scenes tease a political change for England, plenty of pomp and circumstance, and the entire Royal Family embracing their changing duties to the country. The trailer also introduces Helena Bonham Carter as Her Majesty’s sister, Princess Margaret, who is ready to stand out as the “No. 1 sister.” Seriously, HBC lounging in the bath wearing a tiara is such a MOOD.

The new season takes us to the swinging ‘60s during a time where England is “falling apart” under HRH’s reign as long-haired hippy protestors are fighting for control of the streets. But as it is still a show about royalty, there will be plenty of grandeur and extravagance this season. On the home front, a grown-up Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) struggles with his duty to the monarchy as his regal mama explains, “We have all made sacrifices and repressed who we are. It is not a choice, it is a duty.” CHILLS.

Photo: Netflix

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