Seven20, formerly known as Underground Toys USA, just unveiled a 5.5-inch Doctor Who Thirteenth Doctor figure in the U.S. on Toot’s Toys. The figure will be sold exclusive to the online retailer.

The Thirteenth Doctor figure portrays the character as played by Jodie Whittaker, complete in her costume from the series, including iconic grey coat with blue lining, striped shirt, yellow braces, blue culottes, and brown boots. The figure also features the Doctor’s signature earring, several points of articulation, and includes her signature Sonic Screwdriver as seen throughout season 11.

But don’t get too excited: The Doctor won’t quite get here in time for Christmas. Currently available for presale, the figure will ship in early 2019 (exact date TBA) and retails $19.99.

You can preorder yours here!

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Rob Hull

Rob Hull

Rob Hull is a huge geek and a massive Whovian. He can recognize different components on the TARDIS console, and has an impressive collection of Sonic Screwdrivers. When not traveling through time and space, he can be found creating contact for his own site Figures and More, and recording his podcast, Geeks4Ever.