Sonic the Hedgehog Waffle Maker and packaging | Source: Uncanny Brands

It’s breakfast time — gotta go fast! 

The latest waffle maker from Uncanny Brands is about to make the most important meal of the day go by at lightning speed. The merch maker revealed its newest fan-fueled kitchen appliance yesterday: a waffle maker featuring Sonic the Hedgehog. But instead of hitting store shelves, it is available exclusively as a prize option for gaming fans to win at Dave & Buster’s arcades.

On the waffle maker’s lid, a graphic of the speedy hedgehog greets breakfast lovers with a big thumbs up. The appliance comes with a highly-detailed plate inside to imprint Sonic’s face on every round waffle. 

Hate cleaning your kitchen appliances? (Who doesn’t?) The Sonic the Hedgehog Waffle Maker features nonstick coating on its plates to clean quicker than you can say, “Sonic speed!” Plus, the waffle maker is super lightweight for easy storage and features light-based indicators for waffle cooking.

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Sonic the Hedgehog Waffle Maker is the perfect kitchen appliance for any SEGA stan. Speed to your local Dave & Buster’s and play hard for a chance to win your own!

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