LBR, Barbie had the chicest wardrobe back in the day. It was one that we collectively envied, and now’s our chance to bring those iconic styles in our own lives.

To celebrate Barbie’s 60th birthday next year, clothing designer Unique Vintage recreated the doll’s fashions from the ’50s and ’60s for a new fall collection. Inspired by vintage clothing, Unique Vintage designer Katie Echeverry worked in collaboration with Mattel to create the line of women’s apparel inspired by classic Barbie dolls from the 1950s and 1960s.

Each Barbie x Unique Vintage fall look is a recreation of real Barbie doll fashion. With a nod to Barbie as a woman who can be anything, Unique Vintage offers every item in the collection in sizes XS to 4X, and the price ranges from $18 to $198. 

The Barbie x Unique Vintage collection launched with iconic looks such as the ’60s Balanciaga-inspired cherry-red swing coat. The line serves as a precursor to an exclusive anniversary collection timed with Barbie’s 60th birthday next spring.

“Vintage reproduction has become [quite] a thing, with our revenues up 30 percent alone last year,” Echeverry said. “According to Vogue, the big trends for 2018-2019 include fake fur, capes, knitwear and 1960s inspirations, all of which are featured in our fall Barbie selections. At MAGIC this year, collegiate was all the rage, so we’re hoping that our recreation of Barbie’s cheerleading letter sweater is as well received.”

The new fall line includes pieces such as a ’60s-style flare swing coat, a glamorous black sheath dress and cape set, a tweed suit, and a Barbie-inspired cheerleading sweater, all of which were inspired by iconic Barbie dolls.

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