If you’ve ever been told to watch your mouth, you know sometimes it’s hard to control what you say. But in Watch Ya’ Mouth Throwdown Edition, by Buffalo Games, the more outrageous your mouth is, the more fun you’ll have.

The concept of the game is for players to take turns competing by following the instructions on the cards, all made more difficult, and amusing, because of the outrageous mouth guards that have to be worn while doing so. Players will have translucent cheek retractors that they will wrap their lips around, exposing their teeth and gums while holding their lips wide open. Kind of like that contraption at the dentist that’s used to take x-rays. The one that’s impossible to speak with, yet the dentist always uses the exact moment someone is wearing it to initiate conversation. Have napkins on hand—there will be drooling. Lots of drooling.

The game is for four or more players ages 8 and up. Keeping with the dental hygiene theme, the player that’s gone the longest without brushing his or her teeth will go first (along with a healthy dose of public shaming). Whoever’s turn it is will roll the Throwdown Die to determine who their opponent will be for that round. The player will draw a Throwdown Card from the deck and follow the instructions on the card, while wearing the mouthpiece.

The idea is to attempt to read and interpret phrases, along with physical challenges and some charade-like antics, all while being hampered by the cheek retractors. There’s a ton of different instructions that make the game hilarious, including singing “Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears, or performing a nursery rhyme using one of the included noisemakers (the paper kind that people blow into like a horn on New Year’s Eve) until one of the other players guess correctly.

There’s also one on one competitions that pit both players against each other, such as racing to eat a cracker using no hands to see who can finish first while leaving the fewest crumbs. Remember, all of the instructions are done with the mouthpiece in place, meaning both players look totally ridiculous and even the simplest task is 100 times harder, and funnier. There are a handful of included props, like the paper noisemakers, plus ping pong balls, drinking straws, and a sand timer.

Some of the Throwdown Cards will also instruct players to draw a Phrase Card, which they will read out loud until someone guesses what they are saying correctly. With silly phrases such as “bald man has bad breath,” “pineapples make me poop,” and “big barrel of beef,” part of the fun is watching everyone make fools out of themselves.

The winner of each throwdown will collect that card and then the next player will take a turn. It is possible for a round to have no winner if the throwdown involves a guessing game that none of the other players are able to guess correctly. After each person has gone four times, the player with the most Throwdown Cards wins! After a few rounds of this game, everyone should be able to carry a full on conversation with their dentist—mouthguard and all.

This review was originally published on the Toy Insider.

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