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We still don’t know much about Avengers 4, but some new high-res promotional art gives us an idea of how some of our favorite heroes will look in the final Avengers saga.

Unfortunately, the art does not include any of the characters who Thanos successfully disintegrated at the end of Infinity War, so it provides no clues on who will be brought back (or how).

Here’s a first look at six Avengers and how they’ll look while taking on Thanos one last time:

The Hulk

It seems like Banner and “the other guy” are back in business for the final Avengers installment, and everyone’s favorite green monster is suiting up! Gone are the classic purple shorts and Banner struggling in the Hulkbuster. However, it’s unclear what added benefit could come from putting Hulk in a super suit.


The God of Thunder doesn’t seem to have changed much from when we saw him last in Infinity War— same ol’ stolen eye, sick new axe, and the classic red cape.


Rocket is also looking very much the same as he did in Infinity War. It should be more interesting to see how Rocket acts than how he looks, as he deals with the loss of literally his entire Guardians family.

Iron Man

Tony appears to be up and moving for Avengers 4, hopefully back on earth and recovering well from that nasty chest wound. No surprise that his armor is looking the same, because it’s hard to imagine anything more advanced than this Bleeding Edge version of the suit.

Captain Marvel

YAS. Avengers 4 will finally introduce Captain Marvel to the rest of the Avengers team. (And she’ll be more powerful than any of them.) Her suit seems to be the same one we’ll see in her upcoming solo movie, but this art is exciting because it shows her powers in action.

Captain America

The stars and stripes are BACK, BABY! After seeing Cap go through a bit of an emo phase in Infinity War, complete with that wonderful Thor-emulating beard, it seems like he’s returning to his clean-cut, fresh-faced, classic Captain America getup. Maybe when half the population gets wiped out, people might just need a little old-fashioned again.


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