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Avengers 4 directors Anthony and Joe Russo are having some fun trolling fans left and right, dropping hints about the upcoming sequel that lead nowhere like a wild goose chase. But maybe one of their hints does have some meaning behind it, after all.

It looks like possibly, maybe, there’s a slight chance that one of the Russos’ Avengers 4 teasers may feature a new weapon for Iron Man. The Russo brothers posted a black and white photo with the caption “look hard,” putting fans into a frenzy trying to search for clues about the movie.

Nerdist News put together a video taking a closer look at an object in the background that looks like Iron Man’s proton cannon from the Marvel vs. Capcom video games. A Reddit user pointed out that the same object appears in the background of a scene in Infinity War, and the Instagram account geekpowerbackup posted a closer look at the object (Yay teamwork!).

The burn marks on the edges of the proton cannon means that the object could be a rocket engine or some form of transportation for Iron Man or War Machine’s suits. Or maybe Iron Man will use it at some point to face off against Thanos, or some other type of mysterious threat. In the meantime, we’ll be searching for more clues about the mysterious movie, maybe starting with the title.

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