Everyone knows game night isn’t complete without a spread of good food. Now, thanks to CATAN: The Official Cookbook, board game enthusiasts don’t have to travel the world (or the internet) to find a hearty meal for all to enjoy.

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Catan is a popular board game in which players trade lands, build cities, and discover the world. Players can now unite their love of exploring with their love of food by cooking meals inspired by the game.  

This cookbook will take your taste buds on new adventures with recipes directly inspired by the world of Catan. Fans can spice up the game night by making Scalded Feta Barbarian Skewers, the Adventurer’s Charcuterie Board, Caravan Vegetarian Chili, Great Hall Rack of Lamb, and more.

Fans can make more than 75 delicious recipes in all, ranging from the zestiest appetizers to the sweetest desserts. These easy-to-make dishes are supplemented by original photos, artwork, and fan references. Every recipe includes a hex-shaped section that lets chefs know if a meal is gluten-free, vegan-friendly, soy-free, and more.

CATAN: The Official Cookbook is available for preorder now for $29.95.


All Catanians need a good meal to fuel up before they can build cities and roads and negotiate trades. From appetizers to feasts, this cookbook includes easy-to-make recipes inspired by the game, like Over-Knight Oats, Chicken Under a Brick, Robber’s Discard Delight, and more.

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