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Ready for a new island getaway adventure?

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons universe is ~crossing~ over into the land of tabletop gaming to bring fans the Animal Crossing Edition Monopoly Game, courtesy of Hasbro! Get ready to channel your inner Tom Nook and embezzle build up your bell collection like never before!

The goal of the game is to rack up the most Nook Miles — an activity familiar to those who have played Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons video game — which players earn by completing various tasks. Players pick from one of four villager tokens and choose a skill card with an ability they can use throughout the game. Instead of buying property, players “discover” islands when they land on a space and collect resources from them, including fossils, fruit, fish, and bugs.

Animal Crossing Edition Monopoly Game Components | Source: Hasbro

The Nook’s Cranny die determines which type of resources can be sold. Villagers can then take the resources and sell them to the bank for bells, which they can use to purchase decorations from the Nook’s Cranny store. These decorations are worth Nook Miles, and the player with the most Nook Miles wins the game!

The 35 decoration cards and bell coins function as the game’s community chest cards and currency, respectively. Each set comes with 160 resource chips, 54 bell coins, 40 five-bell coins, 40 player markers, 35 decoration cards, 14 Nook Miles cards, 14 chance cards, four character tokens, four skill cards, a numbered die, a Nook’s Cranny die, a label sheet, and game rules.

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Though the Animal Crossing Edition Monopoly Game is slated for an August release, one Reddit user spotted the game at a local Walmart this week and posted photos of the barcode (along with product shots) for fellow Animal Crossing and Monopoly fans to hunt at local retailers. Though we don’t see any listings on the Walmart website, fans can pre-order the game now at Entertainment Earth. The Animal Crossing Edition Monopoly Game is designed for two to four players and costs $24.99.

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