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Back in March, we finally got some information about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, an upcoming mobile game that’s basically the Wizarding World version of Pokémon Go!

While Portkey Games has yet to give us a release date for the game, they’ve dropped a few teaser videos for it. The newest, titled “Calling All Wizards,” is a message from the S.O.S (Stature of Secrecy) Task Force, telling wizards that there is magic on the loose:

“This is your ministry. Our wizarding community is at risk of exposure. Traces of magic are appearing all over the muggle world, revealing magic to muggle eyes. We are heading towards quite the debacle, unless we act right now. Unless we act together. Fellow wizards, ready your wands. … Help save our world!”

The accompanying footage is even better, showing these magical traces infiltrating our familiar world. There are dementors on a soccer field, kittens playing with a snitch, a broomstick spotted on a highway, and more. There are even news articles in publications, such as Buzzfeed, The Guardian, and Vogue, discussing these mysterious happenings.

All of this helps set up the premise of the game, in which players act as wizards helping to catch and alleviate all of these traces of magic popping up in the muggle world. Using AR, the app really will put these traces of magic on top of the “real world.”

Check out the full video below, and visit harrypotterwizardsunite.com for updates on the game.

Photo: Portkey Games

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