Get your favorite food with some powerful prizes for your online Magic play. | Source: Hot Pockets/Wizards of the Coast

It’s a collab no one expected… but everyone’s now hungry for!

Magic: The Gathering’s newest set, “Phyrexia: All Will Be One,” dropped on Feb. 10, and Wizards of the Coast is making sure there are plenty of fresh announcements to come with it. We’ve already talked about the upcoming sets to get excited for, including a Lord of the Rings Universes Beyond release, but now there’s a new Magic: The Gathering release that’s a bit different: Hot Pockets!

The Magic Hot Pockets include special box designs featuring iconic planeswalkers. Gideon, representing white mana, can be found on the Italian Style Meatballs & Mozzarella Hot Pockets. Jace, representing blue mana, is pictured on the Philly Steak & Cheese Hot Pockets. Chandra, representing red mana, can be found on the Premium Pepperoni Pizza Hot Pockets. Finally, Vivien, representing green mana, appears on the Hickory Ham & Cheddar Hot Pockets. Though there isn’t a black mana Hot Pocket for all the swamp lovers out there, the companies have already announced they’ll be adding one soon!

When you buy a box of these branded Hot Pockets, you don’t just get unique box art. These microwavable meals from food company Nestlé, known for their convenience, will also get gamer bonus items within Magic’s online play application, Magic: The Gathering Arena. All players have to do is take a picture of their receipt and upload it to

Each code you use unlocks a new prize in order. The first code you enter will get you a pre-constructed, the second gives you a planeswalker avatar, the third is rewarded with planeswalker deck sleeves, and the fourth and fifth receipts get you 2,000 experience toward your Mastery Pass. With tons of great customization options, these Hot Pockets are looking worthwhile for players who want to show off their style in-game.

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The current collection of Hot Pockets is available from a variety of retailers, but the upcoming black mana Hot Pocket will be exclusive to Walmart. Head to your nearest grocery store now for lunch and bonus goodies! Make sure not to miss it, the promotion only runs from now until June 30.

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