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Have you ever wondered what The Simpsons would wear if they lived in our world? Well, get ready to find out because Asos just announced a new collection with the long-running cartoon.

Launching Aug. 23, the new partnership with the British retailer debuts the new summer-inspired collection that fuses pure nostalgia with streetwear styles that show off the iconic characters and settings.

Based on the beloved series, the new collection brings versatility with pieces available in womenswear, menswear, unisex, as well as in ASOS Curve and Plus. With more than 30 new pieces, the design team is calling it one of their most inclusive collections yet.

The new collection, designed by ASOS’s London designers, is inspired by ’90s party culture and the iconic characters of The Simpsons. Featuring more than 30 pieces of streetwear-influenced pieces, you can totally see Springfield and its residents’ influence on your new wardrobe choices.

The Kwik-E-Mart collection features pieces in the classic rugby shirt style, a bucket hat and classic tote bag, the Springfield clouds on several of the denim pieces, and the characters can be seen on yellow swimwear, hoodies, sweaters, and bags.

The line includes everything from hoop earrings shaped like Bart’s head, printed T-shirts, sweatshirts, overalls, swimsuits, socks, and fanny packs that will have you stylin’ the Springfield way IRL. It’s not all bold yellow and graphic pieces, with subtle pieces in pale colors, denim, and signature phrases to add more range to the Simpsons-inspired nostalgic collection.

As with other ASOS pieces and collaborations, the prices will be affordable so it’s super easy to want the entire collection. 

Time to bring back the ’90s and join the Simpsons family at last.

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