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While we’ve already seen glimpses of the powerful warrior princess from Netflix‘s reboot of She-Ra and the Princess of Power, we can finally see Adora in action.

A new teaser gives us a quick look at Adora, voiced by Aimee Carrero, finding out her true destiny and becoming the legendary She-Ra in a clip first debuted on Teen Vogue. The animated series from Dreamworks TV tells the story of the iconic ‘80s warrior princess as an orphan who finds the magical sword and becomes a powerful warrior.

“It was a really exciting opportunity for me because it’s about this female hero with such a complicated and interesting backstory,” Executive Producer Noelle Stevenson told Teen Vogue. “And also, one of the few legacy cartoons from the ’80s that really showcases a cast of female characters. Not just female heroes, but female villains and female comic relief.”

In the new teaser, a voice calls out for Adora and tells her that balance must be restored as the young girl reaches for the enchanted sword and suddenly transforms into the iconic and powerful She-Ra for the first time.

Watch She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fight for the honor of Grayskull once the series debuts on Netflix November 16.

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