The Office: Somehow We Manage mobile game is coming soon! | Source: LEAF Mobile Inc.

It’s the people person’s paper people — back again!

LEAF Mobile and East Side Games are partnering up with Universal Games and Digital Platforms to release their next free-to-play mobile title, The Office: Somehow We Manage. Inspired by the U.S. version of the hit comedy show The Office, this app promises to deliver more than Michael Scott ever did to Scott’s Tots.

The Office: Somehow We Manage lets fans of The Office play through iconic — and hilarious — moments from the Emmy award-winning show. Players can tap their way to record profits at Dunder Mifflin and buddy up with their favorite co-workers. Working together, the Scranton office will need to keep their branch in business by selling paper to unlock and upgrade characters, desks, and more episodes.

Although it’s not The Dundies, this app promises big surprises and rewards. Fans will relive memorable episodes from The Office, — such as “Dinner Party” (who doesn’t want to see that huge flat-screen TV again?) — attend special events where new versions of characters will be introduced, and earn in-game rewards to keep the branch afloat.


The Office: Somehow We Manage is currently being developed and is expected to launch worldwide later this year. Ahead of the launch, fans can attend The Office Experience in Chicago on Oct. 15. Tickets are on sale now on What will Michael do this time?

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