Ever since you were a little kid, trips to Costco were a big deal. Snagging free samples as you’re carted around through aisles with pallets stacked high and the potential of giant teddy bears around every corner. Now, you can recreate the experience at home with the official Costco Monopoly! 

The game’s player tokens include a hand jack, an extra-wide shopping cart, a teddy bear, a $1.50 hot dog combo, a slice of pizza, and a Costco Gold Star Member Card. Even if most Costcos are the same (AKA, perfect), each property on the board is one of 22 specific Costco locations across the world! As players make their way around the board, they can rack up locations and put food court tables (houses) and Costco warehouses (hotels) on their properties. You can even stop by Free Samples (Free Parking)!

The Costco remodeling of this classic game continues with the cards. The Community Chest and Chance cards have been revamped into the Costco Executive Member and Costco Gold Star Member cards! Even if most folks keep their Costco cards on their phone nowadays, these cards are full of surprises for players!

Costco Monopoly is available now at costco.com, but it will hit shelves in stores starting next week! Hot people shop in bulk, and now they can play the hottest version of Monopoly they can find! 


This game combines your favorite things — spending (fake) money and Costco! Each property in this game features a different Costco location and each token features an iconic piece of Costco culture.

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