CraftHub is headed to Hogwarts with a new collection of artsy wooden puzzles inspired by Harry Potter!

With nearly 20 puzzles in the collection, there is something for every Potterhead. Quidditch fans can grab the puzzles that feature Harry flying around on his broomstick. Particularly proud Hogwarts students can show off their house pride with their house crest or house animal. 

The highlights to the collection are the Hogwarts crest in different art styles, from a minimalist design to an intricate drawing. All of the puzzles feature uniquely shaped pieces you won’t see in normal puzzles. Some of these shapes include goblets, books, wizard hats, moons, and more! Each puzzle also comes in a wooden gift box that will look perfect sitting next to your book collection on your bookshelf. 

Right now, the puzzles are even $30 off, so you can snag them for a really good price! Whether you’re planning on building and rebuilding your puzzles or are going to frame and display them when they are fully built, CraftHub’s Harry Potter collection is so pretty that we can’t pass it up!


Say Alohamora and unlock a whole new world with these puzzles! These puzzles have around 100-150 pieces, including pieces shaped like wizard hats, moons, goblets, and more, and feature iconic imagery from Harry Potter!

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  • $49.99

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