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Combine the swiping technology of Tinder with the addictive mobile strategy game Reigns by Devolver Digital for the latest in interactive gameplay as you swipe left and right on all your favorite Game of Thrones characters to decide who will sit on the Iron Throne. With the newest edition just announced, you can soon step into the GoT universe and select your own choice leader to rule over Westeros. It can’t get much worse than Joffrey’s reign, right?

Rather than following the HBO series’ characters through the progression of one family’s reign, Reigns: Game of Thrones allows you the chance to choose from a series of events and create your own Westeros destiny. With Melisandre’s fiery visions of the future, claim the Iron Throne as your favorite character as you navigate complicated relationships and hostile factions to rule over the nation of Westeros. According to their website, the 12 characters to choose from include Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Cersei Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, Gendry, and more. Even if your favorite didn’t survive the show, maybe you’ll give them better luck with your swipes.

Once you give your chosen leader a coveted right swipe, you’ll see several options to swipe for next. The goal: Using strategy, try to create the best outcome that won’t leave your chosen ruler dead. For example, if you swipe on Daenerys, you’ll then have different options on how she can raise her dragons, which yield different results to measure the country’s wealth and power in the game.

As like other games in the Reigns franchise, it becomes a balancing act where too many wrong decisions (read: swipes) result in your chosen ruler being murdered and thus, the game is over and you must start again. Clearly, the game will take some time to learn whether your selected path is correct, and as GoT fans know, part of what’s intriguing about the show is watching to see if certain moves by the king and queen ends up successfully governing the nation or if they’ll meet their untimely demise. How will your decisions swipes impact Westeros?

Reigns: Game of Thrones is available for pre-order now for $3.99 on iOS, Android, and PC and is scheduled for release this October.

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