There’s nothing quite like making an entire meal from scratch. And you know what they say, that’s true for when you’re building a Voltron, too.

Based off the Netflix show, Voltron: Legendary DefenderPlaymates ToysVoltron Legendary Lion Assortment allows people to play with each Legendary Lion figure and then combine them all into a 16-inch Voltron figure. New and OG fans of this classic cartoon alike will appreciate the experience of watching all five lions come together to form a supreme warrior.

The Black Lion is the heart of it all if you want to assemble the ultimate Voltron figure. Players can unlock 50 different sounds and phrases from the Black Lion when he is combined with the other four lions. As the only electronic figure of the bunch, he’s a bit more expensive, but well worth it for the experience of seeing the Voltron figure come to life. His pilot, Shiro, is an escaped captive of the Galra Empire and is indeed ready to lead his team of large cats into battle.The Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow lions make up the appendages of our giant Voltron figure. Each of these fierce felines has 20 points of articulation, a mini speeder holding their pilots, and their own signature projectile ready to be blasted at the Galra Empire. The legs of Voltron are made up of the Blue Lion and Yellow Lion. The Blue Lion, piloted by Lance, has an ice ray based off its water powers, and as the toughest and strongest lion, the Yellow Lion has an armored disc launcher on its speeder, which is piloted by Hunk. The Red Lion and Green Lion are the arms of Voltron. On his left side (stroooonnngg siiiiiiide), we have the Green Lion piloted by Pidge, who shoots a vine beam. And on the right is the fiery Red Lion with Keith in the cockpit shooting magma beams.

Each of the lions is fun to play with on their own, but assembling them into the 16-inch Voltron is a magical experience. Each piece snaps into their socket of the Black Lion fairly easily and stays put. The Black Lion detects each new addition to his figure and raring to go to save the universe.

Whether you watched the original Voltron series in the ’80s or you have a mini pal who is watching the reboot now, these lions will make you feel like a warrior ready to protect the galaxy from evil.

This review was originally posted on the Toy Insider.

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