Hold up, stop everything. This is a chintervention. Chinchillas are some of the softest fur bubbies this world has to offer, and I found some of the best chinstagrams to make your day a little brighter. Check out these professional chin-chillers below:

Most Lavish: Mr. Bagel (@chinnybuddy)

Mr. Bagel is a white mosaic chinchilla living in sunny California. He has quite the setup, with a multi-level mansion and his own tiny furniture, Mr. Bagel is living better than I am, for sure.


Most Athletic: Perchik (@perchik_the_chinchilla)

Perchik has a beautiful black velvet coat, all the better to show off his buff and fluff physique. He’ll also add some class to your timeline with his monochromatic black and white aesthetic.


Most Whiskery: Chica (@chica.thechinchilla)

Is it just me or does it look like Chica has 10,000 whiskers? Check out her Insta for adorable close-ups of her cheeky lil’ face.


Cutest Babies: Maybach and Helga (@chins.23)

A baby chinchilla looks like a fuzzy pair of socks all bundled up and ready to warm your feet. The captions are not in English, so I barely know what’s going on, but did you not hear me the first time? I said: Little. Baby. Chinchillas. Mic drop.


Funniest Photoshoots: Cosette (@cosettethechinchilla)

Cosette, girl, fashion week here you come because you know how to model. She does it all—from hula girl to chef to Olympic gold medalist—and every photo is better than the next.


Chubbiest Bub: Chubby (@chinchilla_yoyo.chubby)

His name says it all—Chubby is a chunky little snowball that is too precious for this world. Look for tons of videos of him munching on papaya and getting pampered like the king he is. He also has a brother named Yo Yo.


Biggest Daredevils: Maverick and Goose (@chinchillababies)

They’ve got the need, the need for speed. Maverick and Goose are two adventures bubs, climbing through tubes and perching on ledges. Because living on the edge is the only way to do it.


Biggest Troublemaker: Stan (@life_with_stan)

Stan the man knows how to keep his humans on their toes. Check him out to see him wreaking havoc, like eating books when people are trying to read them and chewing on baseboards. But how can you stay mad at a face like that?


Best Props: Lilac (@lilac.the.chinchilla)

All dressed up and nowhere to go. Lilac loves an excuse to put on her best party hat, and she has dozens of them. Her photos are also super colorful if you need a splash of sunshine on your timeline.


Biggest Family: Mitty, Muff, Lulu, Fifi, and Koko (@lychinchillas)

These five chinnies are living large, using their platform to educate people on chinchilla 101. Look for super detailed photos and lots of interesting tips about how to care for these velvety critters.


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