How have we gone this long without an Instapets column dedicated to all the amazing, groundbreaking, beautiful doggos in the world? There are soooo many good instapups out there, many of them with way more likes than all of us combined, that it’s not easy to narrow it down by any means. But here is just a small sliver of some of my favorite internet pupparinos.

Best Wrinkles: Dallas (@dallasthewalpig)

Dallas the walpig is half sharpei and half bulldog, making for the cutest and most wrinkly combo of all time—no Botox needed.

Most Pugalicious: Moose and Buffy (@itsmoosethepug)

There are so many good instapugs, it’s hard to choose just one, so here are two for the price of one, with Moose and Buffy! Just gaze into their pug eyes and let them see into your soul.

Floppiest Ears: Dean (@deanthebasset)

Dean is the smushiest, floppiest basset hound of them all. His short videos—like the case of the maple syrup theft—are especially riveting.

Mr. Steal Yo Girl: Sir Charles Barkley (@barkleysircharles)

This Frenchie has got all the moves, and then some. I dare you to find a better IG model than him. You won’t.

Floofiest: Churro and Toffee (@churroandtoffee)

When it comes to fur babies, the floofier, the better—especially when it come to Chow Chows—and these cloud boys are the puffiest cotton nuggets in the game.

Employee of the Month: Anakin (@anakin_thechosenpup)

Anakin is our office pup so I know firsthand what a good boy he is. He knows all about that work hard, play harder life. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Most Smiley: Chloe (@chloetheminidoodle)

Chloe the mini doodle loves showing off her pearly whites and luscious blonde locks. You can’t look at her shining happy face and puppy dog eyes and not smile.

Best Beard: Squid the Griff (@squidthegriff)

Squid the griff proves that big things come in small packages. This Australian pupper may be tiny, but he has a larger-than-life beard to make all the hipsters jelly.

Besties: Albus and Arthur (@albusandarthur)

These two golden retrievers are the friends I wish I had. Bonus points for tons of throwback photos because who doesn’t love golden borkers?

Biggest Celeb: Jiffpom (@jiffpom)

If you don’t know who Jiffpom is, get it together because he’s honing in on 9 MILLION followers. Yes, 9 MILLION. That’s more than Carrie Underwood, Sarah Hyland, Andy Cohen, and so many other so-called celebs. Sorry guys, you’re not as popular as this doggo.

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Jackie Cucco

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